Flesh and Divinity Renders

There was a steep learning curb with this project. After doing art exclusively in two dimensions for over 14 years, even thinking three-dimensionaly was a challenge. Despite the challenges, there are a lot of advantages to working in 3D. For example, I knew I wanted the church structure to be angled on the figure's back,… Continue reading Flesh and Divinity Renders

Your Body is a Temple: Flesh and Divinity

Blobjects are transmutable: in "When Blobjects Rule the Earth" Bruce Sterling describes the terminator- a human shaped skeleton, surrounded by liquid, motile material, as a blobject. This may seem antithetical to human bodies, which we view as static, but that’s really not the case. We grow and change as we mature, and even after our… Continue reading Your Body is a Temple: Flesh and Divinity