AP studio art

The central idea of my concentration was to use and twist Christian iconography to express my experiences as a pagan living in a Christian society. Primarily, I used gold to express what I feel is truly holy, because Christian art does the same, and by taking this symbolism and applying it to nontraditional things, I call into question the nature of holiness.

My idea started as very simple, I would use gold on things that Christians would find objectionable, such as a demon or my pet rat to express my observations of the hypocrisy and absurdity in mainstream American Christianity. As I went on, my concentration became less about what I saw, and more about how it made me feel, including the stifling nature of mainstream holiness and the eventual discovery that comes with practicing paganism in private.

However, while interesting concepts, the pieces I did as a high school student don’t hold much visual weight, and I think they would be much more successful as 3D renders.

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