“Memorandum” is a piece of experimental video, blending 3D and 2D animation, exploring the evolving nature of memory, the reflective nature of art, and the healing from trauma.
When I was 9 years old, there was a mass shooting at my Church, the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Church.
While I did not directly witness the event, the shared memory of pain greatly influenced how I grew up,
and eventually, my art. In “Memorandum” I take the viewer through the confusion and heartbreak of such an event, into the misty world of reflection through art. Finally, through reconnection with love, a sense
of hope and security is returned, as I take the viewer through a beautiful and brightly-lit scene, depicting
“Flower Communion,” a sacred practice of the Unitarian faith.
“Horror, Beauty, Revulsion” is a critique of the heavy use of sex in horror film genre,
especially the sexualized torture of women. By overlaying and overlapping these shots with
scenes of rot and decay in an aesthetically pleasing way, “Horror, Beauty, Revulsion” invokes
a blurring of repulsion and attraction, and forces the audience to examine what they find attractive,
aesthetically pleasing, and why.
All the footage used in “Horror, Beauty, Revulsion” is licensed under a creative commons attribution
license or is public domain in the United States- either from its copyright expiring or not being renewed
after the 1976 copyright act, or the 1988 Berne convention implementation act. The audio is “Witch Image,”
by the band Ghost.