Flesh and Divinity Renders

There was a steep learning curb with this project. After doing art exclusively in two dimensions for over 14 years, even thinking three-dimensionaly was a challenge. Despite the challenges, there are a lot of advantages to working in 3D. For example, I knew I wanted the church structure to be angled on the figure’s back, but I wasn’t able to capture the perspective correctly in my 2D sketches. Once I had the two items rendered, though, I was able to move them around and construct a composition intuitively.

As for the render’s themselves, I used cubes in a regular pattern to simulate an (quite empty) art gallery. I rendered the figure using a green-toned stone material with red-cast light for the drama. The effect is subtle, but I am pleased with the results. I even pulled at the default museum-goer to draw his gaze from straight ahead to down at the work.

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